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Curious about what's under the hood at Buzz Ink?

What do you get when you mash up a tattoo and barber shop together with a highly innovative and motivated work force? The Buzz Ink Tattoo and Barber Crew.

The Buzz Ink Crew is made up of a group of skilled, experienced professionals dedicated to providing the sickest service to our esteemed customers. There are many talented barbers and tattooists in the industry and we strive everyday to be amongst the best.


  • Andy McCoo - Barber Henchman
  • Adam Ford - Barber Minion
  • Dillon Ames - Barber Minion
  • Tyler Poole - Barber Minion
  • Keenan Abbott - Barber Minion
  • Tommy Ranson - Barber Minion


  • Kristy Case - Tattoo Hench(wo)man
  • Tim Burns - Tattoo Minion


  • Rick Broider - Evil Mastermind
  • Victoria Richards - Orchestrator of Chaos